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The Sonic Souls of Black Folk

Keynote Address and Panels

Keynote Address:

Maurice Wallace (Rutgers University)

Panel 1:
“Gospel, Gender, Sexuality, and Swing: Boundaries of Black Sacred Sound”

[timestamp 1:44]

Alphonso F. Saville, IV (Princeton University)
Alisha Lola Jones (Cambridge University)
Vaughn A. Booker (Dartmouth College)

Panel 2:
“Black Performers and Personalities: Sacred Dimensions of Personhood through Black Sound”
[timestamp 4:42]

Alphonso F. Saville, IV (Princeton University)
Ralph H. Craig, III (Stanford University)
Ambre Dromgoole (Yale University)
James H. Hill, Jr. (University of Oklahoma)

June 2, 2023

A Crossroads Virtual Roundtable


Judith Weisenfeld (Princeton University)


Judith Casselberry (Bowdoin College)
N. Fadeke Castor (Northeastern University)
KB Dennis Meade (Northwestern University)
Eziaku Nwokocha (University of Miami)
Todne Thomas (Harvard University)

December 13, 2022

"Albert J. Raboteau: A Legacy of Intellectual Offerings"

Tracey E. Hucks, Colgate University

Featuring a discussion with Anthea Butler (University of Pennsylvania), Lerone Martin (Stanford University), and Judith Weisenfeld (Princeton University).

March 19, 2022

A Meeting at the Crossroads: Panel Discussion

Transitions and Transformations in the Study of Black Religion


Alphonso F. Saville, IV (Princeton University)


Ahmad Greene-Hayes (Northwestern University), Terrence Johnson (Georgetown University), Shively T. J. Smith (Boston University), and Alexis Wells-Oghoghomeh (Stanford University)

March 19, 2022