N. Fadeke Castor

Assistant Professor of Religion and Africana Studies
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Northeastern University

N. Fadeke Castor is a Black Feminist ethnographer and African diaspora studies scholar, with research and teaching interests on religion, race, and the intersectional politics of decolonization. Before joining Northeastern University she taught Afro-Atlantic religions, popular culture, cultural anthropology, and social theory at Williams College, Duke University, and Texas A&M University. Her first book, Spiritual Citizenship: Transnational Pathways from Black Power to Ifá in Trinidad (Duke University Press 2017; winner of the 2018 Clifford Geertz Award for best book in Anthropology of Religion) argues that the Trinidad Ifá/Orisha religion emerges from black power as central to the development of decolonization practices and cultures in the post-colonial Caribbean. Her new project focuses on the interplay of the Black radical tradition, social justice, and African spirituality as an example of spiritual citizenship in action.