Religion in Houston's Pan-African Community

A Conversation With Charlotte O'Neal, Exiled Original Black Panther
Oct 16, 2022, 6:00 pm7:30 pm
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Event Description

From the Press Release:

"Continuing as part of the Crossroads Project through a grant from Princeton University, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston (FUUCH) proudly announces the fifth in a series of conversations about the intersection of religion and Black radical politics in Houston. Scheduled for Sunday, October 16th at 6:00 pm, Charlotte O’Neal will be sharing stories from her lifetime of political work. A member of the Black Panther Party, she has been living in Africa since 1970 when she fled the United States with her husband, Pete O’Neal, chairman of the party’s Kansas City chapter. Since then, she has been deeply engaged in building the United African Alliance Community Center, which she co-founded with her husband in Tanzania. Throughout her life, music and a grounding in traditional African practices have played an important role in her activism.

As recipients of the first 2022-2023 Crossroads Fellows grants, the Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen, Senior Minister at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, and Ms. Sade Perkins, Houston community organizer and owner-operator of the Freedmen’s Town Farmers Market in Fourth Ward, hope to continue these conversations to help advance understanding of the diversity of Black religious communities and cultures, past and present, as they focus on social justice work and political engagement."

The event can be accessed live at 6:00pm CST either via the First Unitarian Universalist Church’s livestream or YouTube channel.